Reduce Hydrate Risk

(in steady state)

Problem Definition

Gas hydrates are one of the major flow assurance challenges for the industry and are expected wherever gas meets water at high pressure and low temperature. Operators typically mitigate the risk of hydrates by continuous injection of chemical inhibitors (methanol or MEG) or by investing in heated pipelines for large fields. These strategies are based on worst-case simulations projected over life of field and so result in overdosing of chemicals. These chemicals and associated costs can account for between 10% and 20% of annual OPEX costs.

Even with the best laid plans for hydrate mitigation, operators can still be caught out with unexpected hydrate blockages. Hydrates once formed can take days or weeks to dissipate leading to delays in cargo off-takes which results in $millions of deferred production income.

“Most of the other technologies in the gas hydrates area are geared to remediation rather than prediction of gas hydrates forming or optimisation of gas hydrate management”.

“The main trend is movement towards a risk management base approach. There will also be increased numbers of longer tie backs with an inherently higher level of gas hydrate challenge. Operators are talking about unmanned operations using machine learning to measure risk – thus accelerating the trend towards taking a risk-based management approach”

—Independent Consultant, Global

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How We Solve It

Blue Gentoo has a range of patented technologies which manage the risk of gas hydrate formation. These range from the most accurate software for hydrate modelling, to equipment for monitoring well and pipeline conditions for hydrate mitigation on the production facility, and to a device for detecting and locating the early signs of gas hydrate formation.

The Technology


Is patented technology which detects and locates the early signs of hydrate formation allowing ample time for preventative action to be taken.


Is patented technology which monitors hydrate risk at the production facility and reports on the effectiveness of chemical inhibition being deployed.


Is patented software which models hydrate formation risk during production planning and field development.


These technologies individually and collectively reduce hydrate risk to provide greater production assurance and peace of mind and avert the costs associated with a hydrate blockage (i.e. deferred production income and high remediation costs)


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+44 (0) 1224 825680

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