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Problem Definition

Despite well-laid hydrate mitigation strategies, operators can still be caught out with unexpected hydrate blockages. These typically result from changes in water cut or salt content. Hydrates once formed can take days or weeks to dissipate resulting in $ millions of deferred production income.

The main challenges come when we have huge upsets – being able to shut down subsea infrastructure fast enough”

—Major Operator, Australasia

“Now and then we have issues. The gas hydrate management methods we have are generally effective. Hydrates are, however, fast-forming beasts, which means you must monitor them in situ”.

—Major Operator, Global

“There are various prediction tools around, such as PVT Sim. Early detection however is quite unique”.

—Independent Consultant, Global

Of course the oil industry must change. But if we turn the taps off now, we risk turning the lights off too.

In the wake of COP26, a leading voice in the energy sector welcomes a new era… but says it CAN’T happen overnight.

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How We Solve It

Blue Gentoo has technology which detects the early signs of hydrate formation and alerts operators in sufficient time to prevent these from leading to blockages. It is essentially a constant guardian, checking for any increase in risk from hydrates in the production flow. It is also able to identify the location of these hydrates at well-head, pipeline or riser.


The benefits to the operator are lower risk of hydrate formation, greater assurance of production flow and reduced operating cost over the life of the field.


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+44 (0) 7597 766543

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