Patented technology for gas hydrate management

Ice (in the form of gas hydrates) is a major concern for producers and developers of oil and gas fields. Hydrates form when natural gas mixes with water at high pressure and low temperatures. These block or restrict hydrocarbon flow and impact the reliability of supply.

Traditional methods of hydrate management involve injecting large quantities of MEG, methanol or other inhibitors into the hydrocarbon stream. A more recent approach is to use tracer-heated pipelines (particularly for large subsea developments).

Due to the fear of hydrate formation, injection often becomes a strategy of over-dosing based on the worst case scenario. This costs the industry billions of dollars per year in increased CAPEX and OPEX, as well as an increased environmental footprint. Yet even with an over-dosing strategy, hydrates remain a significant and on-going risk to production.

Blue Gentoo has technology and expertise to actively manage gas hydrate risks, firstly, at planning and development stage and then in situ for the life of a field.


For the oil and gas industries

Our devices constantly monitor well and pipeline conditions, alerting operators early to any threats.

We focus on minimising risk, managing the efficient use of chemical inhibitors (primarily MEG and methanol), and we enable operators to adopt a risk-based gas hydrate management strategy to improve their field economics.

This results in greater flow assurance, significant savings in OPEX, improved production up-time, reduced contamination of hydrocarbons, environmental benefits and potential for CAPEX savings too.

We offer an integrated hydrate management solution, comprising of patented technology and software, project management, and training.

We work with leading academics and flow assurance consultancies to provide a single source solution.



Blue Gentoo are keen to show the impact our technology can make on your business. To arrange an initial meeting or conversation or to request a demonstration, please contact us below.

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