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Pagaphobia - the fear of ice

Ice (in the form of gas hydrates) is a major concern for producers and developers of oil and gas fields. Hydrates form when natural gas mixes with water at high pressure and low temperatures. These block or restrict hydrocarbon flow and impact the reliability of supply. 

Traditional methods of hydrate management involve injecting large quantities of MEG into the hydrocarbon stream. Due to the fear of hydrate formation, injection often becomes a strategy of over-dosing based on the worst case scenario. This costs the industry millions of dollars per year in increased capex and opex as well as an increased environmental footprint. Yet even with an over-dosing strategy, hydrates remain a significant and on-going risk to production.

With its technology and expertise, Blue Gentoo provides its clients with the knowledge to actively manage gas hydrate risks and in particular the MEG injection process. This provides greater flow assurance, delivers cost savings and environmental benefits. We offer an integrated hydrate management solution, comprising patented technology and software, project management, consultancy and training. We also provide trouble-shooting and support for hydrate remediation operations.

Products & Services

Blue Gentoo offers a range of products and services to support an intelligent approach to gas hydrate management:

  •   HydraFLASH® Software for phase behaviour modelling for hydrate management 
  •   HydraCHEK® For real-time monitoring of salt and hydrate inhibitor concentration in produced water 
  •   HydraSENS® For early detection of hydrate formation and for locating hydrate build-up 
  •   Consultancy - Flow assurance modelling, remediation and trouble shooting for wax, hydrates and asphaltenes
  •   Training - including principles and practices of gas hydrate management, PVT and phase behaviour  

By combining software that reliably models the hydrate dissociation curve, and a device that efficiently monitors the actual concentration of hydrate inhibitors and salts, with a system that provides early detection of gas hydrate formation, Blue Gentoo provides an integrated suite for Intelligent Gas Hydrate Management.  


  HydraFLASH® is a hydrate and PVT prediction modelling tool designed to calculate the phase equilibria and physical properties of petroleum reservoir fluids over a wide range of conditions. 

The HydraFLASH® model has evolved through over 30 years of R&D collaboration between industry and Heriot-Watt University and is constantly tuned and validated using in-house and other experimental data. 

  HydraFLASH® allows you to:  

  • Calculate multi-component, multi-phase systems including water, liquid, vapour, ice, salt and hydrates and for a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Automatically detect the phase number. 
  • Model different scenarios for hydrate formation and the effect of different hydrate inhibitors on the hydrate stability zone. 
  • Model different hydrate structures and inhibitor distribution in the different phases. 
  • Model CO2 and CO2 rich systems and the effect of impurities.  


  Knowing the actual concentration of salt/inhibitor in the aqueous phase eliminates all uncertainties related to process parameters (e.g., water cut, pump rate, inhibitor purity and partitioning in other phases). HydraCHEK® is an oilfield analysing solution which measures the actual concentration of hydrate inhibitors and salts from a produced water sample and delivers fast accurate results in under 10 seconds. It is simple to use and requires no chemicals or consumables.

  Whether adopting a traditional hydrate avoidance strategy or a risk based hydrate management strategy, HydraCHEK® allows the optimisation of inhibitor injection rates and yields;   

  • Significant OPEX reductions 
  • Assurance of improved gas quality 
  • Reduction in chemical storage requirement 
  • Reduction in environmental footprint 
  • Extension of life of field, as well as 
  • Reassurance of peace of mind 

HydraCHEK® is able to work with all salts and inhibitors including MEG, Methanol, DEG, TEG, KHI’s and AA’s and has been deployed in many fields around the world, resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings and revenue generation.   

Available in two versions: offline, designed primarily for both onshore and offshore laboratory installations and online, designed primarily for field installations for sampling in live flow, measurement and disposal. HydraCHEK® allows accurate hydrate phase boundary stability zone determination and real time pipeline/ system condition monitoring to assure optimized production operations. 


  Further enhancing our intelligent gas hydrate management suite is HydraSENS®, our flow reassurance technology that provides early detection warnings of the formation of gas hydrates. HydraSENS® allows our clients to:

  • Track and monitor gas compositions from subsea to topside 
  • Locate the position of gas hydrates plug /formation within the production stream 
  • Calibrate to, and track, specific gases within the produced fluids from individual wells 

  HydraSENS® offers   

  • Better control for production flow assurance strategies 
  • Visibility and knowledge of an on-going occurrence of gas hydrates formation
  •  Significantly reduced time-taken when determining location of a formed gas hydrate plug  
  • Improved safety culture during gas production operations  


  Blue Gentoo provides gas hydrate, flow assurance and PVT consulting and technical services for the extraction, transportation and storage of oil, gas and multiphase hydrocarbon products. Experimental services (including an H2S lab) allow a proper understanding of fluid properties in operating conditions. By combining expertise, laboratory research and technology we are able to simulate real pipeline conditions and use the results to provide clear operational recommendations for clients.  

  Thermodynamic modelling allows a wide range of flow assurance related challenges to be addressed, from early assessment of potential problems to designing the best remediation strategy. We can accurately model the phase behaviour for systems containing gas, oil, water and condensate mixtures in the presence of salts and organic inhibitors with or without gas hydrates. The worst case flow assurance scenario requires care and knowledge of the hazards. Blue Gentoo provides expert technical advice on the best strategy to remove blockages safely and quickly. From locating the plug, to safe and speedy removal, we are always on hand to provide expert technical advice on dealing with hydrate blockages.  

  Alongside gas hydrates we also provide laboratory-based flow assurance services to interpret and analyse well data and run simulations for the purpose of predicting, diagnosing, preventing, and mitigating asphaltene and wax deposition problems in sub-surface facilities, process equipment, flowlines and pipelines.   


Blue Gentoo can provide a wide variety of training courses including practical PVT and flow assurance training. Courses can be provided in-house at a client’s choice of location, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh UK or Blue Gentoo HQ in Aberdeenshire UK. Our training programmes can be tailored to suit your requirements and we combine a variety of learning methods to keep you up to date with new developments and technology in the industry. 

  Typical Courses are listed below:  

  • HydraFLASH® User 
  • HydraCHEK® User 
  • Phase Behaviour and PVT Properties of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids 
  • Petroleum Reservoir Rock & Fluid Properties 
  • Multiphase Flow Modelling of Crude Pipeline Networks 
  • Applications of Equations of State in the Petroleum Industry 
  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering 
  • Oil and Gas Process Design and Equipment Sizing 
  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering 
  • Applied Reservoir Simulation 
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery  

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