Enable a Risk Based Approach

Problem Definition

Gas hydrates are one of the major flow assurance challenges for the industry and are expected wherever gas meets water at high pressure and low temperature. Operators typically mitigate the risk of hydrates by continuous injection of chemical inhibitors (methanol or MEG) or by investing in tracer heated pipe for large subsea fields. These strategies are based on worst-case simulation projected over life of field and typically result in overdosing of chemicals.

Many operators are aware that their existing approach to hydrate risk is very conservative and are considering a move to a risk-based methodology. However, in order to do so, they need comfort and confidence that they can monitor, measure and manage risk throughout the production process.

“The current approach is effective, but costly, and we are trying to get away from it and move towards a risk-based flow assurance approach.”

—Major Operator, Australia

“Our transition from conservatism to risk management is meeting some resistance, but is also creating excitement”

—Super Major Operator, Global

“Two words pop up – prediction and monitoring. If Blue Gentoo can truly predict where hydrates are forming that would be a differentiator at least – and possibly unique in the market”

—Service Company, North Sea

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How We Solve It

Blue Gentoo has an integrated approach to gas hydrate management. We can model and measure risk at the production and planning phase. We can monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of chemical inhibitor use during production. We can also continuously look for and detect early signs of hydrate formation so that steps can be taken to avert these. This all provides information, risk assurance and peace of mind for operators, which enables them to reap the economic benefits of a risk-based approach.

The Technology


We use HydraSENS® to detect and locate the early signs of hydrate formation allowing ample time for preventative action to be taken.


We use HydraCHEK® to monitor what is happening in the field. It measures the safety margin of hydrates in real-time, checks for changes in salt concentration against initial well data, and allows chemical dosage to be adjusted to deal with real-time conditions.


We use HydraFLASH® software to model the hydrate risk and the determine the mitigation strategy/chemical inhibitor dosage that is required to avert these.


These technologies individually and collectively reduce hydrate risk to provide greater production assurance and peace of mind. They result in significantly lower OPEX costs while averting the costs associated with a hydrate blockage (i.e. Deferred production income and high remediation costs)


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