Automated Gas Hydrate Management

The Holy Grail

Problem Definition

Gas hydrates are one of the major flow assurance challenges for the industry and are expected wherever gas meets water at high pressure and low temperature. Operators typically mitigate the risk of hydrates by continuous injection of chemical inhibitors (methanol or MEG) or by investing in tracer heated pipelines for large fields. These strategies are expensive in both OPEX and CAPEX and are based on simulations of worst-case scenarios projected over life of field.

Even with the best laid plans for hydrate mitigation, operators can still be caught out with unexpected hydrate blockages, due to unexpected changes in water cut or salt composition or human error. Hydrates once formed can take days or weeks to dissipate leading to delays in cargo off-takes which results in $millions of deferred production.

Operators are looking for a more reliable and cost effective method of managing hydrate risks; a method that can adapt to changing conditions in the field, and prevent unexpected blockages. For some operators this is seen as the holy grail in gas hydrate management.

“Our company is in a transition phase – transitioning from a very conservative approach (which is general is the default) in which we steer clear of the hydrate formation region, to a more risk management based approach.”

—Major Operator, Global

“I find the integrated approach appealing. A complete offering, incorporating software for modelling and prediction, could be very powerful and will have a lot of potential if deployed reliably in the field.”

—NOC, Australasia

“I believe that Blue Gentoo’s technologies could be a real breakthrough – especially as you need to be able to react quickly to any prediction or indication of hydrates forming”.

—Super Major Operator, Global

“A lot of it is about attitude. A lot of companies become comfortable with the way things are running and start following repetitive patterns of behaviour”

—Major Operator, Global

Of course the oil industry must change. But if we turn the taps off now, we risk turning the lights off too.

In the wake of COP26, a leading voice in the energy sector welcomes a new era… but says it CAN’T happen overnight.

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How We Solve It

Blue Gentoo is developing an automated, real-time monitoring and management system to protect against gas hydrate risk. The device is located on the production facility. It optimises chemical inhibitor use to meet current conditions, and detects early signs of hydrate formation so that steps can be taken to avert these. It informs and alerts operators, at the production facility and remotely, to what is happening and recommends steps to achieve optimum operating efficiency . It can also be deployed in fully automated mode.

The Technology


The patented technology, iHP, is in development and field trials for it are being sought. Blue Gentoo is keen to hear from interested parties.


iHP will significantly reduce hydrate risk to provide greater production assurance and peace of mind. This will result in significantly lower OPEX costs while averting the costs associated with a hydrate blockage (i.e., Deferred production income and high remediation costs). Furthermore, iHP will reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, reduce the quantity of salts and NORMs (Normally Occurring Radioactive Materials) in MEG regen/reclaim facilities, and reduce operating costs through the life of field, while enabling sustainably clean energy production.


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+44 (0) 7597 766543

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