An early warning system for hydrate formation

It’s a commonly held belief in the industry that gas hydrates form in seconds. Often with little or no warning, operators have no time to react. Gas hydrate formation blockage is a major problem and one of the greatest challenges for flow assurance managers. Blockage stops production flow and could cause damage infrastructure, which results in lost revenue.

Existing solutions to hydrate formation

Consequently, operators follow a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach. They spend tens of millions of dollars per year to keep their wellheads and pipeline systems safe. They inject large quantities of MEG or methanol to act as anti-freeze to keep hydrates at bay. Alternatively, they invest in keeping their subsea systems warm by making huge investments in tracer-heated pipelines.

Both approaches are expensive; yet, hydrates can still occur due to unexpected events such as a change in water cut, human error, equipment failure and so on.

Blue Gentoo has a solution. We have been collaborating with Hydrafact – a Heriot University spin-out company and an expert in gas hydrate research and management – to develop HydraSENS.

Introduction to HydraSENS

HydraSENS is a device that detects the early signs of hydrate formation. It is your watchman in the field. By monitoring the composition of produced gas from the pipeline system, the device raises an alert at the first signs of hydrate formation well before a blockage can occur. This gives operators plenty of time to react, providing greater protection against the risk of a blockage.

There is nothing else like HydraSENS on the market. Until now, flow assurance professionals lack the information on what is happening in their wells and pipeline systems. This means they have to prepare for worst-case scenarios to avoid losses. The ability of HydraSENS to monitor, review, detect and locate the early signs of hydrate formation risk in real-time is a significant boost to the operators’ mitigation strategy.

How to find out more

To find out more, contact us by sending an email to We’ll be happy to explain our solution and show how it can reduce costs for your operations.

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+44 (0) 1224 825680

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